Hill and Dale 2015

Senior online Registration for the 2015 Hill and Dale Series is now open HERE. If you intend to run any of the 11 races please register before the Series begins on April 16th. No payment due until race day.

List of entries can be viewed HERE

We are delighted to announce that Toscano Pizzeria will again sponsor the Junior Hill and Dale Races. Details and registration HERE

We need marshals at all races. To sign up to marshal please complete the Marshal Sign Up Form

Hill and Dale 2014 tops

By now everyone that “earned” a Hill and Dale top should have received it or has made arrangements to collect. There are a few people we have no contact details for. If your name is below, email Mcveigh.marty@hotmail.co.uk
Enda Macklin. U/a
Jonny Kelly. U/a

Hill and Dale Series Prizes

If you completed at least 6 out of the 11 races and have not collected your prize yet please contact Marty Mcveigh with your size and arrange collection. mcveigh.marty@hotmail.co.uk

Hill and Dale 2014 Race 11

Race 11 Results
Photos by Ryan McDonald
Overall Series Results

‘You do run run Ron, You do run on Ron’
by Bogus Boy 

Praise and encouragement – two buzz words that sum up the attitude of Hill and Dale competitors in motivating kindred spirits to compete to the best of their ability.  Never was this more evident that at Drinahilly in the season finale of what has been a wonderfully eventful and fiercely contested series.  ‘Go on Ron’, ‘Come on Ronaldo’, ‘You can do it Ronnie’, ‘Almost there Big Ron’, ‘This is the last climb Ron’ were some of the printable versions of the words of encouragement that were doled in throughout the race – others were more direct and uncompromising!!!!  Continue reading

Hill and Dale 2014 Race 10

Race 10 Results
Photos by Ryan McDonald

Lynch and Wilson Tame the Meels

Thursday night saw the penultimate round of this year’s Hill and Dale series. Happy Valley car park, at the foothills of Meelmore and Meelbeg, played host to the 159 runners who once again basked in late evening sunshine.  By 6.45 pm the signing-on area was in full flow, it never fails to impress me how the team manage to sign-on 159 people in the space of 30 minutes, this includes exchanges of pleasantries, banter about last week’s result and a general chinwag. Continue reading

Hill and Dale Series 2014 Race 9

Senior Race 9 Results and Junior Race 3 Results

Photos by Ryan McDonald and Photos by Alison Carroll

Lynch, Wilson & Not Surprisingly Morgan Victorious…

by BOGBOY – the original and the best :-) 

It is mid-June and the weather is beautiful – the spring was warmer than average and the signs are positive for the summer. Another 160 runners turned up for the 9th race of the 2014 Hill & Dale Series – escaping from the normal routine of daily life to challenge themselves on another unique and hilly route – every race is different from the others. Continue reading