Club Membership

How to join Newcastle AC

Club membership will reopen on 1 April 2024.




Download the Clubforce App available from the App Store on your device, or via the iTunes Store (for Apple/iOS), or the Google Play Store (for Android).

Create an Account and select Newcastle Athletic Club as a favourite.

Along the bottom, select the Membership tab and complete the “Senior Membership Form”.

Or you can follow this link and complete it in a Web Browser:

  • You will need to name a current member of Newcastle AC in your application, that knows you. If you don’t know a member, speak to a member at a running event about Newcastle AC.
  • If you are transferring from another club a signed transfer form will required –
  • Membership must be renewed during March each year. The majority of the membership fee covers individual members registration with Athletics Northern Ireland.
  • The membership fee is set at the Clubs AGM.
  • The fee is kept low by members giving time to help the club either at H&D, Christmas Cracker, Slieve Donard, club administration or with Juniors.
  • By joining Newcastle AC you are also agreeing to help the Club in some way.
  • To comply with GDPR, Newcastle AC assumes that you no longer wish to be a member after 1 April each year if you have not paid your membership fee. We will not register you with Athletics Northern Ireland and delete your records.
  • You must have an email address for club correspondence, which can be kept up to date using the Club App.


Membership Renewal

Please follow this link for more information:


Club Benefits:

  • Registration with ANI.
  • Reduced race entry fees.
  • Insurance cover.
  • Attendance at the Club Christmas Dinner at subsidised rate.
  • Free entry when participating in approved Team events on behalf of the Club.
  • Purchase of Club kit at a subsidised rate.
  • Membership of the Burrendale Hotel Country Club at a reduced/club rate.


Junior Membership
See details HERE