Hill and Dale Series 2015 Race 4

Race 4 Results,  Video by Beverley Herron, Report.

A pair of running shoes were left in the field after last nights race. Owner can contact PJ McCrickard on 07718884761 to arrange for their return.

Race 4 – Binnian takes place on Thursday 7th May. The race is 2 Mile / 2,000 ft. Start grid reference is J32893, Head Road, near Annalong. Full body cover must be brought to race. There will be kit checks at start and finish of race.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE : Any runner who knowingly competes using another athletes race number will be disqualified from the Hill and Dale Series and all future NAC organised events. This could have serious implications for runner, marshals, race organisers and other competitors. **

Online Registration is NOW CLOSED and will reopen on Friday. Please note that you only need to register ONCE for Series.

Registration will be will open at 6:30pm. Entry fee is £8 if you registered online.

* If you did not register online, you need to download this ENTRY FORM, complete, sign and bring with you.

**** Due to the large number of on the day entries at previous races the entry fee will be £15 for those who have not registered online. We do not want the extra money but we do not need the extra work. Entry fee will be £8 for subsequent races. ****