Campbell first home at the Annalong Horseshoe

A review of other weekend races by Bogusboy

An impressive run by Colum Campbell say him take third podium spot behind William McKee and Gary Bailey of Mourne Runners. The Newcastle man was in contention throughout and showed some tremendous form on the climbs.  The superfast descending ability of Bailey proved to be the difference as he moved up from 5th to 2nd in the final downhill section from the top of Binnian to the finish. Newcastle had three in the top 20 with Jonathon Scott 14th and Patrick Bradley 17th. Lesser spotted Marty McMullan ran well to claim 29th place. Eugene McCann (V55) and Jim Patterson V65) comfortably won their categories. Nigel McKinney ran his second race in 36 hours having competed at Binnian on Thursday evening.  Newcastle’s two female athletes, Paulette Thompson and Vicky Canavan performed very well showing their strength, stamina, perseverance, determination and resilience on a tough day in the misty mountains.


Position Name Category 1 Chimney 2 Commedagh 3 Cove 4 Lamagan 5 Binnian Finish
3 Colum Campbell MV40 00:34:59 01:01:01 01:18:26 01:29:14 01:59:15 02:20:12
14 Jonathan Scott MO 00:36:44 01:06:04 01:25:21 01:38:07 02:14:01 02:41:48
17 Patrick Bradley MV45 00:38:51 01:15:57 01:34:18 01:47:18 02:21:51 02:47:22
24 Eugene McCann MV55 00:42:06 01:13:40 01:34:47 01:58:49 02:39:13 03:08:30
29 Martin McMullan MV40 00:43:02 01:20:48 01:46:23 02:02:09 02:42:19 03:08:57
37 Jim


MV65 00:44:02 01:19:22 01:44:31 01:58:53 02:40:57 03:12:04
59 Paulette Thomson FV40 00:51:03 01:30:18 02:05:03 02:32:47 03:20:00 03:49:53
63 Nigel McKinney MV45 00:51:06 01:29:41 02:10:21 02:29:56 03:20:05 03:55:45
68 Victoria Canavan FV45 00:53:15 01:34:46 02:07:20 02:32:51 03:35:03 04:16:31


Belfast International Track & Field Meeting

Such is the diversity and repertoire of NAC runners that on the same day, members were competing over much shorter distances on much more predictable terrain. David O’Flaherty gave a great account of himself to clock 8;56:62 in the 3k B race and in an incredible finish was able to hang on to share the victory with the fast finishing Conal McCambridge of North Belfast Harriers. Seamus Lynch was 1.99 seconds behind in third place. This was a spectacular race that had the large crowd on the edge of their seats.  In the same race Joanne Mills recorded 9:55:36 to finish 3rd behind Ciara Mageean and Eimear O’Brien.  next up for the ‘roadies’ is the Les Jones 10k on Friday 13 May.