2017 Hill and Dale Series


Race 7 Moughanmore will take place on Thursday 25th May.
Factor 50 Suncream will be part of the essential kit this evening.

Race Preview by Bogusboy.

The Series Calendar is available HERE.

Results from the Series are available HERE.

Online Registration NOW CLOSED.

Online Registration will reopen on Friday after Race 7. 

There will be NO entries taken on race day. All competitors must register online.

Those aged 16 and under 20 can enter the Series.

Volunteers are needed for every race. If you are available to help at any race, please email info@newcastleac.org or contact the relevant Race Director

Hill and Dale Series 2017 – Race 7

Hill and Dale Race 7 – Moughanmore takes place on Thursday 25th May. Full body cover must be brought to race. There will be kit checks at start and finish of race. Factor 50 Suncream will be part of the essential kit this evening.


Registration will open at 6:30pm and close at 7:15pm SHARP. Registration will take place at the Deer’s Meadow (see map).

Entries will NOT be accepted on the night if you did not register online.

Online Registration is NOW CLOSED. Entries will NOT be accepted on the night.

Please note that you only need to register ONCE for Series.

Zak ‘storms’ to victory

The 73rd Annual Slieve Donard Race by Walnut Soap

The Slieve Donard Race is an Annual Classic by any measure. Every year since 1945, locals and many from further afield have descended (no pun intended!) on Newcastle to race to the summit of Slieve Donard, the highest point in Northern Ireland (852 metres or 2,796 feet in old money above sea level) and then plummet back to sea level as quickly as possible. This year the race would also serve as the first race in the Irish Mountain Running Championship and selection for the Irish World/European Mountain running team. The entry of 258 runners was a new record smashing last year’s previous record entry of 208. Runners from as far away as Tasmania paid their £8 entry fee and with the sun out toed the start line on the Main Street – no turning back now. Continue reading

Can anyone stop Bailey as he bids for 5 in a row??

72nd Slieve Donard Race – Preview by Bogusboy

The annual Slieve Donard race, Race 6 of the Hill and Dale will start at 2:00pm on Saturday 20 May at the Newcastle Centre, with the leaders returning to the Newcastle around 2.55pm.  Amazingly within one hour the leading athletes will have climbed the 852 metres to the summit and returned to the point from whence they came.  The course follows along the main street with a marked route to the summit and the same back to Newcastle Centre – a temporary departure from the traditional ‘free choice’. A few will display the cuts and bruises to show that they have raced to the highest point in Northern Ireland and back. Never was this truer than in 2012 when the ‘Prophet’ returned with a hole in his hand.  Not to be worried by such a mere bagatelle he ran his hand under the tap and shored up the gaping wound with a bit of electrical tape – emergency first aid at its very best!  The next day when he peeled back the inch of flapping skin he found a compass, a whistle and a pound coin! The pound coin was deposited in the piggy bank where, five years later, it still remains a prisoner! Continue reading

Cash for Kids/Children with Cancer

Saturday 3rd June
Cash for Kids/Children with Cancer
11am Castlewellan forest park
£10 per person
One lap around the lake
For more information contact Donna Cochrane at Ulster Bank Castlewellan

Brown is a ‘definite’ among all the ‘maybes’

The Les Jones 10k and other weekend events by Bogusboy et al!

There is a wise old saying, the origins of which are attributed to the sage-like Billy McNeilly, ‘you can always fill a bus with ‘maybe’s’. This well proven mantra was never truer than on the night of the annual pilgrimage to the Les Jones 10k. In the weeks leading up to the event there was talk of hiring a coach. As the week progressed a minibus was more likely and by the witching hour on the day of the race O’Hare’s Smart car seemed more apposite. One by one they reneged, citing reasons that would have made an idle schoolboy blush in embarrassment. Notwithstanding the numerous withdrawals, six NAC athletes were among the 307 who took the line on a damp, but muggy evening in South West Belfast. Continue reading