Hill and Dale Series 2012

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Online Registration for Senior and Junior races is now CLOSED.

Please note that you do not need to register again if you have already done so.

A list of registered athletes can be found HERE.

Races Start at 7.30pm SHARP. Entries Close at 7.15pm

Entry Fee : £7 per Race, Non-registered / Unattached / non affiliated clubs – £8
Juniors (over 16): £3

There will be open races for Primary School and Post Primary School athletes at races marked with *. These races are sponsored by Toscano Pizzeria, Newcastle and will take place before the main race. Entry fee £2. More details here.

2012 Calandar

1Donna Daly24.1424.14
2Lorna Cunningham24.3024.30
3Sinead Flynn24.4024.40
4Nicola Mathers24.5224.52
5Joe McCann24.5224.52
6Franky McGivern24.5224.52
7Joe Kennealey25.3625.36
8Eve Kennealey25.2625.26
9Ron Horrox26.1223.12
10Mari Troeng26.4020.40
11Aine Gosling26.4520.45
12Gerard McAuley26.5420.54
13JP Gartland26.5718.57
14Peter Morgan27.1121.25
15Gary Cairns27.1923.19
16Hazel Crudgington27.2527.25
17Aidan Brown27.2721.27
18Jerome Farrell27.3123.31
19Stevie Rice27.3123.31
20Rita Devlin27.4024.40
21James King27.5119.51
22Tom Crudgington27.5119.51
23Mark Keane28.0424.41
24John O'Higgins28.0924.09
25Pascal Toner28.2722.29
26Angie Kerr28.3428.34
27Kris Fegan28.5522.55
28Jack O'Hare29.3321.33
29Fionnuala Simons29.3429.34
30Nicky McKeag29.3629.36

Best 6 From 11 To Count


  • All competitors must carry a whistle.
  • If the weather is poor, all competitors must carry a waterproof coat.
  • All runners must report to the finish.
  • Reasonable fitness levels needed – cut off times will apply at the discretion of the organisers.
  • Safety equipment required for races: compass, whistle, full body cover which should be brought to ALL races
  • All efforts should be made by runners to car share, and park safely at all races.