London Marathon Club Entry System – Newcastle & District AC

Dear Club Member, The Club Committee have agreed, after consultation, the following process for awarding the allocated for the London Marathon. If you have received a rejection from the ballot, and you meet the criteria below, you are eligible to apply for a club place.

The Club can apply for entries each year (the number has traditionally varied between two and three places – for 2018 we are expecting two places – this will be confirmed as soon as we are informed). These places are open to all members of the club eligible to participate in the Marathon (i.e. over 18 on the day of the race).

The following criteria have been agreed by the Committee:

1.         Any member eligible for a ‘Championship’ or a ‘Good For Age’ entry cannot apply for a club entry,

2.         Anyone requesting a club entry must be a fully paid up member,

3.         Club entries will only be given to members who have been rejected from the Open Ballot process – members are responsible for entering the ballot which is in May of the year preceding the race,

4.         Applicants must be a fully paid up member of the club for a minimum of one full year at time of application (i.e. to be eligible for a 2018 entry, you must have been a member from 1 April 2016),

5.         Applicants must be active in the club and have competed in club colours on at least 3 occasions in the calendar year of the application and have volunteered on at least two occasions – these activities must be documented at the time of application (these might include organising or officiating at a club race, coaching juniors members of the club, helping with the organisation and administration of the club),

6.         The process will begin after the London Marathon declares the results of the Open Ballot. The closing date for applications and the date of the draw will be decided by the Committee and communicated via the club website. The draw (if there are more applicants than places available) will take place before a Tuesday session and will be conducted by an administrator and an assistant (neither of whom will be in the draw) in an open and transparent manner. A reserve will be drawn in the event of one of those drawn being unable to take the place before officially entering through the London Marathon Club Entry Process (entries are non-transferable once allocated),

7.         Successful applicants will not be eligible to enter the club ballot for two years after receiving a club entry.