Final Session of Summer Training

Summer training comes to an end on Tuesday 4 October with a 5km time trial in Castlewellan. Please note the earlier start time of 6:15 due to the falling away of the light in the evenings. For those struggling to make the time, the time trial will begin towards the far end of the lake on the castle side.  The course goes along the side of the lake (castle side) climbs over the back of the castle, passes down to the crossroads on the main drive way, turns right passing the ranger’s hut up to the crow road, along the crow road and finishes up the hill towards the ‘Leitrim gate’. One of Pascal’s flatter courses! Thanks to Pascal for marking the courses in Castlewellan throughout the spring and summer. There will be some light refreshments served in BASE (Newcastle)after the run to mark the end of the phase of training.

See you all there for a final dash!