Aqua Running Session

Many sports people, including myself (Kerry O’Flaherty), have experienced injury which has disrupted our normal training regimes. I have experienced injuries from time to time in my running career and was always on the lookout something that could keep my fitness levels up whilst I wasn’t able to run.

ar-web-logo-1I tried spin bikes, outdoor cycling and cross-trainers. None of these replicated the type of cardio workout that I would get from running or used the right muscles. Around 10 years ago, I met Terry Nelson who introduced me to Aqua Running and his Aqua Running suit – a suit he designed himself. I must admit I had given aqua running a go before this, using a floatation belt, which I found quite uncomfortable and I could never get one that fitted properly.

Terry’s Aqua Running suit allowed me to replicate my proper running action in the pool without impact and I finally was getting the cardio workout I needed.

Aqua Running is not only great for rehab and keeping fitness levels up whilst injured, it can also be incorporated into your regular training for those of us who tend to be more prone to, or at risk of, injury whilst running on the roads or harder surfaces.

Terry will be visiting Northern Ireland in October and so I have set up an evening where people can come and learn how to Aqua Run correctly and try out his Aqua Running suits.

The session will be on Wednesday 26th October, 7pm – 9pm in Downpatrick Leisure Centre (pool), the price is £20 (cheques made payable to Kerry O’Flaherty).

If you are interested I have attached an application form and also a video so that you can have a look at the suit in action.

For more information you can check out Terry’s website, or you can call me for more information on 07743 194 461.

Many Thanks,

Kerry O’Flaherty

Download Application Form HERE.