Hill and Dale Series 2016 – Race 4

Report by Bogusboy
Provisional Results
Photos by Paul Fegan

Hill and Dale Race 4 – Binnian takes place on Thursday 5th May. The race is 2 Mile / 2,000 ft. Start grid reference is J32893, Head Road, near Annalong. Full body cover must be brought to race. There will be kit checks at start and finish of race.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE : Any runner who knowingly competes using another athletes race number, without a number or without registering at the start of each race will be banned from the Hill and Dale Series and all future NAC organised events.

Anyone not following this rule is putting others lives at risk.

The race organisers must know who starts and finishes each race, to ensure all runners are accounted for and no one is lost on the hills.**


Registration will open at 6:30pm and close at 7:20pm SHARP.

Online Registration is NOW CLOSED and will reopen on Friday after Race 4.

Entries will NOT be accepted on the night if you did not register online.

Please remember if you collected your Race Number at Race 1, 2 or 3, bring it to Race 4.

New Barcoding System

• All numbers must be worn on front of vest and not on shorts.
• Please try to pin your number on as flat as possible.
• Please do not fold numbers.
• At your 1st race you will be issued with a barcoded race number
• Always make sure your number is scanned before the start of each race, if you don’t you will not appear in the results and be disqualified from the series.
• Please ensure your barcode is visible and scannable at the finish line. Make sure your arms or hands are not in the way e.g stopping a watch.
• Look after your number, there is a £5 charge for replacement.

The use of barcoding and looking after your numbers is to help reduce the workload of the volunteers involved with the series. Thank-you for your support.