Tollymore 5 mile time trial – Tuesday 23 June 2015

The mean old hare gives a mean old stare (and then runs away!)
NAC Tollymore 5 mile time trial – Tuesday 23 June 2015

14 club athletes participated in the most recent time trial after 5 weeks of training in Castlewellan and Tollymore. ‘Mad Dog’ has postulated the erudite suggestion that regular and consistent training will lead to improved racing outcomes.  On the basis of the times below it is clear that there is irrefutable wisdom emanating from this ‘old codgers’ mouth. 

Due to the high numbers taking part, athletes were set off in two separate waves thus ensuring a clear run for all.  In the 4:15pm wave O’Hare was off like a greyhound and showed his recent nemesis a clear pair of heels by an incredible 2+ minutes – needless to say he will not be mentioning that much in the months and years ahead!!!! 12 athletes took to the line for wave 2 at 6:30pm. O’Flaherty and O’Flaherty recorded the fastest times, though is hot and humid conditions without a breath of wind, there were great times recorded all around.  The final week of this block is a two by 1 lap of the lake session on Tuesday 30 June in Castlewellan; meeting at Hillyard House at 6:30pm. Thanks to Pascal (pronounced Paschqual!) for organising and measuring the Castlewellan sessions in recent weeks – every little helps make the club bigger, better and stronger! The next block of sessions will be posted soon as we aim to keep the training going every Tuesday throughout the summer.

Kerry O’Flaherty 29.12
David O’Flaherty 29.12
Jack O’Hare 31.28
Paul Byrne 32.50
Joe McCann 33.39
Paul Watson 34.05
Noel ‘Wonderwall’ Gallagher 34.07
Philip Murdock 34.29
Richard Rodgers 34.50
The Prophet 34.57
Pascal Toner 35.10
Frank Cunningham 36.40
Jerome Farrell 37.15
Ronnie Horrox 37.17