Club Session on Tuesday 1st April

This week’s session is 2 and 3 minute efforts (5 sets).  Meeting Newcastle Centre at 6:30pm.  Efforts start at the far end of King street at 6:50pm.  See you all there.

The session will be followed by a workshop entitled ‘Navigation in the mountains – a fool’s guide to not getting lost’  It will, somewhat appositely, be devliverd by A Fool (AKA 9 times Donard Champion Deon McNeilly – a man who knows Donard like the back of his hand. Pity he was wearing gloves on Saturday).  The venue for this ‘must attend event’ is somewhere between the top of Donard and somwhere near to the beginning of the top of the bottom of some other mountain which could be Millstone or maybe Thomas’ or maybe even Rocky!!!