Club Event on 28th August

Following the great success of our last bike/run event, the next event will be on Tuesday 28th August at 6:30pm in Tollymore.  This time athletes will complete a 2 laps of the ‘Red Route’ course (Reggie’s Path optional for those desiring a longer course!!!) – one running and one on the bike (those recovering from injury or unable to complete the 8 mile run will be permitted to complete 2 laps on the bike).  Athletes will be in teams of 4 and each team can have one member completing 2 laps on the bike depending on the numbers.  As usual Tay will be served.  Competitors are asked to contribute £1 towards the cost of this.

Please let me know by text or email if you are competing and bring a friend if you can find one!

Joe McCann

17th August 2012