A race of two halves and knackered calves

I think a bit of over confidence and inexperience came into play right from the start.  Immediately we all started racing from the off.  After I led for the 1st 10k the lead proceeded to change numerous times until around 30km then things calmed a bit more.

Due to the nature of the event it’s a marathon out and back.  This means crossing paths again and some more position changes but then it all really settled down and the field spread out.  Most of the return leg I was on my own and couldn’t even see another competitor.

I paid the price for the early fast pace and had to push myself mentally to keep running all the way back, with regular checks over my shoulder for any competition.  My legs were screaming that entire second half but thankfully no cramping.

Amazingly my body survived, and I came in under 10 hours, even managing 3rd place with 4th place over 20 mins behind me.  For only my second ever ultra I was absolutely over the moon!