Saturday 16th December 2017

Saturday 16 December is the annual club Christmas dinner. For a number of years we have established the tradition with Murlough AC to have an informal festive run on the morning of the dinner and raise a few pounds for charity before getting glammed up for an evening of merriment. This year we will have our joint run at the Castlewellan parkrun on Saturday 16 December at 9:30am. While we normally do not wear our club vests to parkrun, we are going to on this occasion as this is a club event. Murlough will be wearing their vests as well. Our charity donation will be to MYMY (Mind Yourself and Mind Your mate), a local charity providing invaluable services to the ever increasing number of people experiencing mental health problems. We would ask that our senior and junior members join forces for the morning and enjoy a fun, timed 5k in the most beautiful setting imaginable. There will be refreshments available after in the Life Adventure Centre. Please spread the word and we look forward to seeing huge numbers of vests on parade!!!