Cash for Kids/Children with Cancer

Saturday 3rd June
Cash for Kids/Children with Cancer
11am Castlewellan forest park
£10 per person
One lap around the lake
For more information contact Donna Cochrane at Ulster Bank Castlewellan

Brown is a ‘definite’ among all the ‘maybes’

The Les Jones 10k and other weekend events by Bogusboy et al!

There is a wise old saying, the origins of which are attributed to the sage-like Billy McNeilly, ‘you can always fill a bus with ‘maybe’s’. This well proven mantra was never truer than on the night of the annual pilgrimage to the Les Jones 10k. In the weeks leading up to the event there was talk of hiring a coach. As the week progressed a minibus was more likely and by the witching hour on the day of the race O’Hare’s Smart car seemed more apposite. One by one they reneged, citing reasons that would have made an idle schoolboy blush in embarrassment. Notwithstanding the numerous withdrawals, six NAC athletes were among the 307 who took the line on a damp, but muggy evening in South West Belfast. Continue reading

NJAC Saturday Morning Training

Some of our Junior members training with coach Ian Brannigan this morning.

Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 Ballot – 4 DAYS REMAINING!

The VLM Ballot for 2018 opens on Monday 2 May and closes on Friday 6 May. Anyone wishing to enter the race who does not have a Championship or Good for Age entry will need to apply through the ballot. One of the criteria for entering the club ballot it to have been rejected from the open ballot. Visit the official VLM website by CLICKING HERE for further details. Good luck to all making an application. Last year we did get one athlete in via this ballot.

Paddy ran and ‘paddy tans’

A review of the 2017 Virgin London Marathon by Bogusboy

On a day when conditions were less than ideal for marathon running, Patrick Higgins literally ‘made hay while the sun shone’ and was rewarded with an impressive PB of 2:41:46. Having secured a Championship Entry with his splendid performance in Dublin in the fall, he showed great determination, perseverance and above all else resilience as the sun shone on the 37,000+ brave souls that took on the challenge. In the early stages, a sub 2:40 was a real possibility, but as was the case for so many others, the heat took its toll as he decelerated a little in the closing miles. However, when compared to many of those around him he was remarkably strong and can use this as a real springboard for a serious tilt at a sub 2:40 in Dublin in October.


Continue reading